Sponsor an HS/SPCA pet and show that you care!

So many rescued dogs, cats, horses and other animals are in need of ongoing care while awaiting adoption in a forever family and this sponsorship program will allow the Humane Society/SPCA to afford the expenses until then.

Sponsors can select an animal(s) and for each only $30/month or $300/year, they can help make a difference in the lives of animals in need in their community. In return, besides having the gratification of helping an animal in need, they will receive a certificate of appreciation and photo of each animal they sponsor.

"You may find your new best friend in the process too!” said volunteer Linda Graves. She pointed out that it is a great way to let local businesses show their clientele that they support their community and can proudly display the certificates in a customer lobby. There are also many people who want to help somehow, but may not be able to foster or attend events, yet they want to make a difference.