The Face of Cruelty in Sumter County

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  • Sumter Victims: Young Dog
    This poor young dog was found in the Royal area after it suffered horribly in a dog fight, possibly as a bait animal.
  • Sumter Victims: underweight horse
    Apple, a Thoroughbred found nearly 500 lbs. underweight due to neglect in Webster.
  • Sumter Victims: Dog
    One of 8 dogs left to live in a filthy horse trailer with no food or water in their own excrement in a Webster neglect case.
  • Sumter Victims: Starved Boxer
    One of many boxers left to starvation and severe neglect by a convicted animal abuser, in Tarrytown.
  • Sumter Victims: Coleman Dogs
    This dog was one of six found in Coleman, who barely survived, thanks to an anonymous tipster.
  • Sumter Victims: Sasha
    Sasha, this little innocent victim of extreme neglect in Lake Panasoffkee was found to be a loving joyful Shi-Tzu once she left the Groomer as a new dog. Sasha was left trapped under a shed for three weeks by her owner.
  • Sumter Victims: Horse Barn
    Just a section of the atrocious & dangerous barn yard living conditions where we found the 30+ abused horses in Oxford on 9/11 2008
  • Sumter Victims: Animal Shed
    Along with the 30+ horses, we also found a shed filled to capacity with small rabbits & birds in filth, no water or food at accused animal abuser Sally Grenko’s property in Oxford.
  • Sumter Victims: Oxford Horse Case
    One of the 30+ Oxford horses we discovered malnourished and with untreated wounds at convicted animal abuser Sally Grenko’s property on 9/11 2008
  • Sumter Victims: Oxford Horse case
    Beauty, one of two horses found in skeletal condition in Center Hill. The vet rated them as a ‘1’ on a scale of 1-9.
  • Sumter Victims: Daschund
    These Daschunds were found living in a rabbit cage in deplorable condition in a Linden puppy mill.
  • Sumter Victims: Cockfighting
    A volunteer helps care for over 300 fighting roosters after a raid in Beville’s Corner.
  • Sumter Victims: Max
    Max, a little Rat Terrier, was found as a victim of a brutal beating in The Villages.
  • Sumter Victims: 8 Dead Horses
    This poor horse along with others, endured a slow painful death of starvation and neglect in Tarrytown due to the owner’s negligence by not making proper arrangements for their care after being arrested and absent. Thanks also goes the landlord for helping us, working hand in hand to get them the necessary urgent care.
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